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Italian cooking lesson

Our food tours in Rome take you off the tourist path, to experience the real taste of the city. Enjoy one of Italy’s most pleasurable passions and let all your senses come alive, with delicious tastings in locally loved venues.

A World Aparts Guest Relations will tailor-make the Roman experience for you, so that on holiday, you won’t have to worry about a thing…

Local Chefs

Learn from the local experts everything about Italian Cuisine.

Small Groups

You won't get left behind, all small group classes.


They speak your language, so you won't get lost.

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Their services are nothing short of quality.

Introduction to local cuisine

For all tastes

We will take you shopping in street markets and groceries in the city centre and finally prepare a delicious lunch with hand-made Pasta or would you like to have fun and discover the secrets of the perfect Roman Pizza inside a famous pizzeria in Trevi area?

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To take with you a piece of the Eternal City when you come back home, we’ll be glad to share with you all the secrets of our Italian chefs, spending a lovely morning in the heart of Rome but off the beaten path. Your experience starts in the square of Largo Argentina, in the neighborhood of the characteristic Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere district. Firstly, you’ll go for a guided walk through some traditional groceries and markets of the city center, to learn how to choose the best ingredients for your Italian lunch. Then, it will come time to prepare your complete Italian lunch and to make Pasta with your own hands - that is, impastare. Your cooking class will take place in a unique location, and will end with lunch including beverages as well. Groups of maximum 8 participants, morning, Rome’s city center markets and groceries, 5 hours

PIZZA MAKING COURSE from € 70 p.p.

The class is a 90-minute pizza making lesson perfect for all ages. The chef will guide you through the Italian tradition of preparing pizza dough from scratch, explain techniques and tips on making the best dough, and teach you how to dress your pizza properly. You’ll be given your own ingredients in order to top the pizza with whatever you like and experiment with various recipes. At the end you’ll eat what you’ve prepared and discover whether your skill level is now that of a real “Pizzaiolo”. Drink and dessert included. Groups of maximum 12 participants, afternoon, 1.30 hours,

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Food Experience Roma

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