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KAMISPA is an enchanted space, which evokes Asian millenary knowledge of the human body as a tool for awareness. 1500 sq mt of facilities to celebrate Tibet, Bhurma, Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia and China. An onsen bath in which to plunge and relieve tensions or tiredness, steam baths to purify and recover the energy. A Buddhist Staff trained to perform all the Asian massage techniques: each therapy is a unique experience. Five Suites and ten Single rooms inspired to the harmony of Asia. A beautiful Shanghai Tang corner in which to find Chinese silk clothing and precious Asian objects.



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Traditional Balinese massage technique, performed with the palm of the hands, using extra virgin coconut oil.
The aim is to make the circulation more fluid and bring more oxygen to the tissues.
The effect is immediate: relaxation of the entire muscular system and intense relaxation.

A massage that combines the ayurvedic experience with the Polynesian lomi lomi technique.
For a more toned and relaxed body, it is ideal for regaining muscular flexibility and correct posture.

A unique massage.
The Oriental Blend combines three techniques in one treatment: traditional thai, shiatzu and lomi lomi.
This is probably the most complete massage of the entire range of therapies offered by KAMI SPA: the body is massaged with a mixture of Asian oils, for a tactile and olfactory journey that awakens the energy, while relaxing both the body itself and the soul.

This treatment has its origin in the Thai tradition: stimulating and revitalizing, the reflexology plantar provides acupressure under the sole of the foot aimed at reactivating and rebalancing the proper functioning of most of the internal organs.

Also known as “therapy of the Japanese meridians”, the Shiatsu technique has a strong therapeutic impact, acting on symptoms by manipulating the classic points of acupuncture.
To have lasting benefits, it is advisable to undergo a cycle of treatments, but the beneficial effects of Zen Shiatsu can be appreciated from the first session.

Transmitted for generations as a cultural as well as a social practice, this particular therapy has made Thailand the motherland of massage.Free of oils, deep pressure is used to warm the muscles and awaken the energy of the body so that it can flow again.
The ancient technique is combined with gentle stretching, leaving the guest in a state of deep relaxation.



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